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Lean Muscle

Building a lean body demands discipline and dedication. The biggest challenge is to find a balance of consuming the correct amount of calories to support muscle growth, but not over consuming to cause unnecessary fat gain. This difficult balance is also mirrored in your training, which should combine cardiovascular and weight training in order to build muscle and burn fat.


The basics for Lean Muscle

Building lean muscle is one of the most common goals of regular gym goers, but it is ultimately one of the most difficult to achieve. Consuming enough calories to build muscle and not enough to elicit an accumulation of body fat requires an intricate balance of macronutrients. Within the diet, sufficient protein must be consumed to elicit muscle growth whilst carbohydrates are essential to fuel mixed and high intensity training sessions. From a training perspective, it is vital that cardiovascular exercise is combined with weight training to allow the body to strip excess body fat at the same time as building muscle tissue.With such an intricate balance of nutrition and exercise it is quite apparent that nutritional supplements can play a massive role in helping you to achieve that toned and chiselled look.



Training for lean muscle generally involves a combination of both resistance and cardiovascular exercise. Resistance exercise will help increase the size and definition of the trained muscle, whilst cardiovascular training may help burn excess fat and enhance the toned look of the body.

The weight you use on each exercise is dependant on your current level of fitness. The weight you select should be heavy enough so that the last repetition causes fatigue.


Recommended supplements to achieve your Lean Muscle goals;

1.   Kinetica Lean Gain - 3KG

2.   Reflex Instant Whey - 2.27KG

3.   USN Pure Protein IGF-1 (2.28kg)

4.   Optimum Nutrition After Max - 1940g

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