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Power Lifting

Powerlifting involves three main elements, these are; the squat, the deadlift and the bench press. Competitors attempt to lift the highest weight possible within their weight category. Powerlifting requires specific types of training techniques that are focused on strength and explosive power. Training methods include low repetitions with maximal weight and also exercises which place emphasis on explosive power utilising lighter weight with faster movements. Explosive power and strength are key elements of Powerlifting as short bursts of energy are crucial. Whilst a heavy body weight is beneficial to the sport, it is ideal to keep excess body fat to a minimum, so aerobic exercise may be required for this reason. Training for strength and power can put the body under immense stress - fatiguing the central nervous system (CNS), exhausting specific muscle groups, overloading the skeletal system and draining energy stores. For this reason a strict diet and disciplined training routine are vital for any aspiring Powerlifter. Sports supplements can improve results dramatically.

Requirements for the Powerlifter:

1. Energy

The key to any Powerlifting programme is providing your muscles with enough energy to fuel a session; which often involves working a muscle to the point of failure or fatigue. As with any sport, carbohydrates are one of the main sources of fuel for exercise and will help maintain muscle glycogen concentrations. When concentrations are low performance will be negatively affected. It may also be a good idea to consume a fast absorbing protein drink before exercise. During intense exercise the body can often use protein stored within the muscle for energy, so consuming a high protein supplement can spare valuable muscle tissue and encourage growth rather than damage.

2. Recovery

One of the most important nutritional times in Powerlifting is directly after training and the recovery time between sessions. It is during this time that you can increase the anabolic state of the muscle and encourage greater levels of strength and muscle mass. This is also the period when muscle glycogen stores must be fully replenished and sufficient protein should be consumed to avoid muscle breakdown.  Consuming a recovery product packed with quality carbohydrates and protein as well as L-Glutamine is crucial directly after your session. This combination will give you the complete nutrition your body needs to ensure the recovery process is efficient and complete.

3. Supplements

Once a healthy and nutritious diet is in place to power workouts and aid recovery, it is a good idea to find out how nutritional supplements can actually improve performance and help you gain muscle size quicker. Consider supplementing your programme with a combination of carbohydrates, amino acids and creatine. This will increase your energy and help you perform a greater volume of work in the gym. These ingredients are contained a number of the pre exercise boosters on the market. The volume of work performed by Powerlifters and the need for quick recovery, means a great deal of stress is placed on the body and its immune system. This makes the need for a complete and functional daily vitamin supplement essential.

Recommended Supplements to improve Powerlifting performance:

1.         Whey Protein

2.         Creatine Blends and Capsules

3.         Pre Exercise Booster

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