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A top-class outfield player, during a 90-minute match, can cover over 10,000m, at an average speed of over 7km per hour, however, you also have to take into account that some of the time is spent, sprinting, jogging, jumping, turning, accelerating, decelerating etc. and each of these individual tasks requires an energy input which can require different training and nutritional guidlines to the likes of a Runner. The two main things you should include in your diet should be plenty of carbohydrates and proteins.

Energy To Play

Carbohydrates are essential to fuel almost every type of activity and will help keep muscle glycogen concentrations high. When concentrations are low performance will be negatively affected. It has been shown that insufficient amounts of carbohydrates can also affect co-ordination as the Central Nervous System becomes fatigued. ONE Isotonic is an extremely effective carbohydrate drink which can be consumed before, during and after exercise to great effect.

Improving performance

Once the basic components of your diet are in place, such as carbohydrates and proteins, it is useful to look at products that can enhance your performance and push your fitness beyond your opponents. Creatine Monohydrate is one such product and is one of the most commonly used products for athletes looking to improve power and strength.


When the body becomes fatigued during a match or training session it is important to re-fuel with the nutrients that will help accelerate recovery and stimulate muscle growth. If the body has no fuel to aid recovery it may begin to break down muscle tissue for energy and actually reverse the physical effects of exercise. Protein and carbohydrates are regarded as essential for helping the body recover and grow after physical exercise. Recover Xcell from USN combines protein, carbohydrates and a number of other excellent ingredients to help promote recovery after exercise.

Look after your body

Soccer is a very physically demanding sport in many ways, and involves the use and strains of many different muscles and body parts, therefore it is important to keep your body and joints in top shape with the use of vitamins, minerals and Omega 3.

Recommended Supplements to improve Football Performance:

1. Energy Drinks/Gel

2. Recovery Drink

3. Multivitamin

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